Men prefer women with makeup to show people

Published 2015-10-15 by joejoy12

Millions of women apply foundation, lipstick and mascara every morning, many in the mistaken belief that this will make them look attractive to men.

But, according to new research, men in UK would much prefer their wives and girlfriend chose a natural look instead as they too much make-up a turn off.
What’s more they are calling for the growing trend for plastic surgery, including Botox and lip fillers, and fake tan and false eyelashes to come to an end.
A six month study carried out by skin care brand Flint + Flint revealed the majority of UK women wear make-up every day, while 34 per cent wear fake tan and 22 per cent regularly wear false eyelashes.
Ironically though these three beauty products all feature in the top ten biggest turn-offs as revealed by UK men.
These findings come as it’s revealed that more than half of UK women (54 per cent) apply make-up on a daily basis.
More than 1,000 UK males were surveyed, who said that less is definitely more when it comes to cosmetics.
And while the majority of UK women, 52 per cent, would consider going under the knife to improve their looks, a huge 63 per cent of men would not be happy if their partner had Botox let alone full cosmetics urgery.
Of those surveyed 23 per cent said they would feel ’embarrassed’ if their partner had an obvious enhancement such as lip filler or Botox, and over half would rather their partner wear a pink or nude

pretty cat

pretty cat

lip colour over a bright red shade.



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