”A slingshot’ is ‘a slingshot’

Published 2015-10-10 by joejoy12
Someone mocked at Hui Zi before the King of Liang. “This Hui Zi likes to use metaphors when he speaks. If he is not allowed to use metaphors, he surely won’t be able to explain anything at all.”
The following day the King of Liang met Hui Zi and said to him: “From now on, when you speak, come straight to the point and do not use metaphors and beat about the bush.”
Hui Zi said: “Now someone does not know what a slingshot is. You tell him, ”A slingshot’ is ‘a slingshot’. ‘Can he understand?”
“How can he understand?” said the King of Liang.
Hui Zi went on: “If I tell him a slingshot is like a bow, its bowstring is made of bamboo, and it is a device for shooting, can he understand?”
The King of Liang said: “Yes, he can.”
Hui Zi said: “The purpose of drawing an analogy between the thing people have already known and the thing they don’t know yet is to make them understood. You want me to speak without using metaphors. How can that be done?”
The King of Liang said: “What you said is right.”6e4d0097gw1ewuuj8zit6j20dw0c0gmt


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