Boston researchers have developed a supercomputer they claim can predict with 96% probability if a patient is about to die.

Published 2015-09-21 by joejoy12
The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has linked monitors on its patients to the system, which is said to be better at spotting illnesses than human doctors.
It is loaded with information about more than 250,000 people from the past 30 years, drawing on this data to make speedy diagnoses.
This speedy disease recognition could allow a quick cure, potentially saving lives as well as predicting patients’ imminent
‘The big picture is that we’re trying to harness the power of big data,’ said Dr Steve Horng, who is leading the project.
‘If you come in, we can take everything we know about you, both in your current visit and previous visits.
‘We can compare that to other patients with similar conditions, and predict diagnoses you might have in the future.’QQ图片20150918175932


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