Published 2015-08-21 by joejoy12

Anyone who regularly uses chatrooms or instant messaging will almost undoubtedly be familiar with responses consisting only of this little sequence of three letters–meh. For the uninitiated, meh is a new interjection peppering news items, messageboards, chatrooms and blogs across the English-speaking Internet, and it’s an informal linguistic2equivalent of a simple shrug of the shoulders.

No one is completely certain how the use of meh originated, but most sources quote a 2001 episode of The Simpsons as one of the earliest examples. Impossible to accurately define, meh is cropping up increasingly to mean something like a non-commital OK, whatever, if you want, I don’t mind … Circumstances surrounding its utterance (and, if spoken, tone of voice) give it a more specific meaning, but in general terms, meh usually implies some kind of indifference to what has just been said.61e34c96jw1ev6j473zm5j20f009yaao



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