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Please Dress Me in Red

Published 2015-08-31 by joejoy12

In my dual profession as an educator and health care provider, I have worked with numerous children infected with the virus that causes AIDS. The relationships that I have had with these special kids have been gifts in my life. They have taught me so many things, but I have especially learned that great courage can be found in the smallest of packages. Let me tell you about Tyler.

Tyler was born infected with HIV: his mother was also infected. From the very beginning of his life, he was dependent on medications to enable him to survive. When he was five, he had a tube surgically inserted in a vein in his chest. This tube was connected to a pump, which he carried in a small backpack on his back. Medications were hooked up to this pump and were continuously supplied through this tube to his bloodstream. At times, he also needed supplemented oxygen to support his breathing.

Tyler wasn’t willing to give up one single moment of his childhood to this deadly disease. It was not unusual to find him playing and racing around his backyard, wearing his medicine-laden backpack and dragging his tank of oxygen behind him in his little wagon. All of us who knew Tyler marveled at his pure joy in being alive and the energy it gave him. Tyler’s mom often teased him by telling him that he moved so fast she needed to dress him in red. That way, when she peered through the window to check on him playing in the yard, she could quickly spot him.

This dreaded disease eventually wore down even the likes of a little dynamo like Tyler. He grew quite ill and, unfortunately, so did his HIV-infected mother. When it became apparent that he wasn’t going to survive, Tyler’s mom talked to him about death. She comforted him by telling Tyler that she was dying too, and that she would be with him soon in heaven.

A few days before his death, Tyler beckoned me over to his hospital bed and whispered, “I might die soon. I’m not scared. When I die, please dress me in red. Mom promised she’s coming to heaven, too. I’ll be playing when she gets there, and I want to make sure she can find me.”QQ图片20150827143401


Published 2015-08-28 by joejoy12

Movieoke is a form of entertainment in which a person acts out scenes from a movie while a silent version of the movie plays in the background.

The film is projected onto a screen behind the actor and onto an alternate monitor which provides subtitles and action cues. Movieoke is a popular form of performative and interactive entertainment created by Anastasia Fite in New York City in 2003, and has since spread to other parts of the world.

This term combines movie with karaoke, that now classic entertainment form in which amateur crooners sing along to vocal-less versions of popular songs. The word karaoke entered the language around 1979 after being imported from Japan, where it means “empty orchestra.”QQ图片20150826180343

social bankruptcy

Published 2015-08-27 by joejoy12

Unanswered emails. Texts you must respond to. Facebook messages piling up. Those little red notifications and alerts constantly going off. We always owe someone at least one correspondence. But is it getting to be too much? When you find yourself with hundreds of “friends” maintaining those relationships can feel like a burden. Maybe it’s time to declare “social bankruptcy.” Social bankruptcy refers to the condition of being so overwhelmed by social media that the only solution is to close all one’s accounts.

For example:
As part of the social bankruptcy process, I’m reassessing each connection in my social network as if it’s a brand new connection opportunity that just showed up for the first time. I’m letting go of past social baggage with certain people and asking myself if it makes sense to include them in my social map today.QQ图片20150826175538

My Father’s Letter

Published 2015-08-26 by joejoy12

We find it in the post office box downtown. In a short skirt, refusing to bend,
my mother hands me the key.

On my knees, I study the light blue envelope bordered in red-and-blue stripes,
stamped with American words, messy handwriting.

At the gold museum across the street, people stand in line.
For twenty pesos they walk into a dark room

and wait for light to shine on masks, decanters, 24-karat bracelets, rafts
retelling the story of El Dorado,

gold forgotten in forgotten  trunks meant for  Malaga QQ图片20150824165737. In front of the museum,
leaves  shivering on trees announce impending storms.

Food vendors sell hot dogs and empanadas. My mother tears the envelope.
His letter,  as brief as a butterfly’s hours,

scribbled with words I don’t understand. The sheet of onionskin trembles
in my mother’s hands. She reads in silence, in a hurry

before taking lipstick from her purse, a mirror, and painting
her lips red. Then, she tears the letter up.

In silence, without stopping to catch our breath,
we wait for the bus.

It’s Too Quiet in Here

Published 2015-08-25 by joejoy12
A sparrow mistook
 a light for the light
 of day. A contractor
 penciled Transitional
 Space on the plans.
 A woman parked
 next to the airport
 and stood on top
 of her truck.
 In an empty office,
 a fax inched out
 of the printer.
 The wind knocked
 over a metal bucket.
 Spirals at the end
 of a vending
 machine turned
 to let down the chips.
 Everyone in the sub-
 way pitched right.
 A blue crayon melted
 on the welcome mat.
 The timer for the timed
 test went off. A pilot
 light went out. Every-
 one on the bus pitched
 left. A shade slapped
 open, untouched, and dust
 flew up into the sun.


the flesh of a Tang Dynasty monk

Published 2015-08-24 by joejoy12

Something much-coveted, or “the flesh of a Tang Dynasty monk”, refers to a big bonus or benefit that is pursued at any cost. In an article published by the Communist Party of China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection on its website on Monday, the top discipline watchdog pointed out, that because of loose supervision, the officials managing some State-owned enterprises regard the companies as such “monk flesh”.QQ图片20150818111525


Published 2015-08-21 by joejoy12

Anyone who regularly uses chatrooms or instant messaging will almost undoubtedly be familiar with responses consisting only of this little sequence of three letters–meh. For the uninitiated, meh is a new interjection peppering news items, messageboards, chatrooms and blogs across the English-speaking Internet, and it’s an informal linguistic2equivalent of a simple shrug of the shoulders.

No one is completely certain how the use of meh originated, but most sources quote a 2001 episode of The Simpsons as one of the earliest examples. Impossible to accurately define, meh is cropping up increasingly to mean something like a non-commital OK, whatever, if you want, I don’t mind … Circumstances surrounding its utterance (and, if spoken, tone of voice) give it a more specific meaning, but in general terms, meh usually implies some kind of indifference to what has just been said.61e34c96jw1ev6j473zm5j20f009yaao

The ass and a lap-dog

Published 2015-08-20 by joejoy12

A man had an ass and lovely lap-dog.

The ass was left in a stable, and had plenty of oats and day to eat, just as any other ass would. The lap-dog knew many tricks, and was a great favourite with his master.

The master seldom went out to dine or to super without bringing him something nice to eat when he jumped about him in a pleasant manner. The ass, on the contrary, had much work to do, in grinding the corn-mill and in carrying wood from the forest or burdens from the farm,. He often co plained about his own hard fate, and contrasted it with the luxury and idleness of the lap-dog. At last one day he broke the chain and ran into his master’s house, kicking up his heels without measuring and jumping as well as he could, he next tried to jump about his master as he had seen the lap-dog do, but he broke the table, and smashed all the dishes on it to pieces. He then tried to lick his master, and jumped upon his back. The servants hearing the strange noise, and imagining the danger of his master, quickly helped him out of the situation and drove out the ass to his stable, with kicks and beatings. The ass, as he returned to his stall beaten nearly to death, thus cried and said sadly, “I have brought it all on myself! Why could I not have been contented to labour with my companions, and not wish to be idle all the day like that useless little alp-dog”.

The roc

Published 2015-08-19 by joejoy12

There was once a bird called the roc, whose back was as big as Mount Tai and whose wings were like clouds that overspread the heaven.

When it wheeled up into the air a whirlwind arose, and in each flight it covered ninety thousand li, flying above the misty vapours under the sky, to the Southern Ocean.

Where can it be going? Wondered a bird with a laugh, “I once flew into the sky, then come down to enjoy myself among the bushes. That’s good enough for me. Where else does it want to go?”

Here we see the difference in outlook between great and small.QQ图片20150702141115

The dancing bear

Published 2015-08-18 by joejoy12

A bear, who had made his living by dancing for a long time, at length escaped from his master, and returned to his former companions in the woods.

His brothers welcomed him with most friendly growls. The traveler now told what he had seen foreign countries, told a long history of his adventures, and, to exhibit his wonderful feats, began, in an erect position, to dance the Polonaise. His brothers, who were watching the performance, were astonished at his grace, and tried to imitate his ballet steps. It was in vain, hardly were they raised on two legs when they fell again upon all fours. Seeing their awkwardness, the bear went on exhibiting some higher displays of his art, which, at length, aroused the envy of the others, and so they drove him from their society.浣熊1