Iron rod into a needle

Published 2015-07-23 by joejoy12
Li Bai was a great poet in the Tang Dynasty of China.
It is said that in his childhood, he was very fond of playing and afraid of difficulties, and made slow progress in his studies.
One day, on his way home after school, he walked by a creek  and saw an old woman grinding a very, very thick iron rod. Being curious, he went to the old woman and asked: “Old grandma, why are you grinding this iron rod?”
The old woman replied: “To make a needle.”QQ图片20150720153408
At this moment, Li Bai felt more curious and asked again: “How can you grind such a thick iron rod into a needle?”
“Yes, I can. I certainly can,” the old woman said. “If one works with constant effort, one can grind an iron rod into a needle.”
Hearing the old woman’s words, Li Bai was enlightened.
Since then, Li Bai studied hard and made rapid progress. Eventually he became a famous poet.


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